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Back to the reasons for this blog, that is to share the methods and tools that I’ve learned and applied for investing and trading. This post is to share with you my web application called TraderPA ( “TraderPA” stands for Trader Personal Assistant.

As traders/investor, we are basically entrepreneurs, for whom work and life often blend. Most find they are too busy to find the time or the skills to identify, obtain and analyze the sea of market data to be confident on how they should set up their trade or set up their investment portfolio. This tool is developed just for this purpose. It is a comprehensive web application that I use for scanning and analyzing market data.

This product is completely FREE for the time being. I hope it will bring fellow traders the convenience and clarity in their analysis so that they can focus on the trade execution itself. I hope you will enjoy and benefit greatly in using it.

Lastly, if you find TraderPA helpful, please pay it forward and share with friends, families, fellow traders and investors that will also benefit from this tool.