“We’re all pilgrims on the same journey – but some pilgrims have better road maps.” – Nelson DeMille

Whatever your journey may be, whether you are planning to conquer Mount Everest or a family trip to vibrant Hong Kong, you just have to put out a good plan and bring along the right tools to make the journey successful. Just having a better roadmap, or a better GPS will definitely make a huge difference for the clueless traveller.

In my journey, I’ve used quite a few tools which are really awesome and have been instrumental in putting me on the right path. Some of these were¬†developed in-house (on my own or with an incredibly talented team) or by others that were generous beyond words to share their creation. But I would encourage you to try creating your own or improve on these if you can and pay it forward (share with other fellow pilgrims). The whole exercise will be even more rewarding as you will gain so much more insight into the problem your tool is trying to solve.

I’ll be sharing these tools that you can use for stock analysis, formulating your trading plan, managing your finances, etc.

[Coming your way soon]